Mr. Kenkichi Yoshizawa

A diplomat who served through the three periods, Meiji, Taisyo, Showa.

Yoshizawa, a career diplomat, was bone a Shoyu Industry family's third son in Horinouchi on January 24, Meiji 7. Since the father worshipped Kenshin Uesugi, Kenshin's "Ken" was taken and it was named.
Graduated from Yoneoka school, he studied at Tokyo Seiritu Gakusya, and then at Sendai Daini High School for seven years. After that, he enrolled in the Department of Literature at Tokyo Teikoku University. First he majored in history, and later changed into English major and became a honor student.
When he was a sophomore, he decided to be a diplomat in the future and began studying to pass exam. In July Meiji 32, he passed the examination for diplomats.
Graduated from the university, Yoshizawa started working at the consulate office in Amoi in Meiji 33, and then at Shanghai consulate general, "Gyuso". He also experienced the Russo-Japanese War. He later married Tsuyoshi Inukai's first daugther and transferred to the consulate office in London in Meiji 38.
In Taisyo 12, when anti-Japanese movement was intensifying, he served as an envoi to Beijing. He met Mr. Sokon during his stay in Beijing, and they had been in good contact with each other for the next fifty years.
@In syowa 4, after served as the ambassador to France, Yoshizawa became the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the Inukai government in January Showa 1. He objected to the independence of@Manchuria. Furthermore, compilation by Imperial command is carried out to a member of the House of Peers after 5 and 15 incidents, and it will become an ambassador Showa 16.
At the end of the second World War, he suggested to the government unconditional surrender and took part in The Imperial Council of end-of-the-war determination.
After the war, he was purged from public service because he had served as the France-India ambassador. But in September Showa 27, he began to work in Taiwan as Chinese ambassador.The friendship of the long career and long important person of the China diplomacy is employed efficiently, round off, and the diplomat life for about 60 years is closed till December, Showa 30.
Yoshizawa was a great diplomat who was always fair and genuine to anyone in the world while being loyal to his own country. He also cherished friendships and fellowships.
In Syowa 39, The silver cup No. 5 was presented to the first survivor conferment of a decoration after the war, and it was recommended for the Takada honorary citizen's No. 2 in July of the same year.
@Behind parents' home, the Yoshizawa commemoration hall was founded in Showa 35 by efforts of the commemoration hall establishment support meeting which makes Mayor Kawasumi the chairman, and a park, a bronze statue, and the Beinanso (tearoom) moved from the detached building store in Tokyo were prepared.
"Kei-Ai-Shin" (Respect, Love, and Believe) presented by Mr. Yoshizawa is made into school precepts at the Suwa elementary school.

Chronology of Yoshizawa

1874.1.24 born to Nakakubiki-gun Suwa-mura Horinouchi (present Suwa, Joetsu-shi).
He is the third son of a large landowner's Joryo and Suga at the Suwa first mayor.
1880.12 enrolled in Takada Junior High school. It becomes a fellow student's Kintaro Takeuchi (lawyer) and Tokusaburo Takeda (member of the Diet), and the best friend.
1888 moved to Tokyo to study.Although it changed to another school from the ฌ—ง school building to the Tokyo English language school, he got beriberi and comes home.
1896 entered the Department of Literature at Tokyo Teikoku University
1899.7 graduated from the university, and passed the examination of diplomats.
Began working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an assistant diplomat.
1900.2 left for his new post at the consulate office in Amoi.
1902.4 left for his new post at the consulate office in Shanghai.
1905 married tsuyosi Inukai's first daughter and moved to London.
1910.3 becomes a country embassy first secretary in the United Kingdom.
1912.7 becomes China Hankou Consul-General.
1916.3 goes to the Beijing legation as an embassy secretary.
1923 becomes the Beijing minister. Then, he becomes Ambassador to France.
1932.1 It is inaugurated as the Foreign Minister of the Inukai Cabinet. It resigns through Prime Minister Inukai assassination by May 15th Incident. Compilation by Imperial command is carried out to a member of the House of Peers.
1940.12 The economical negotiation with Indonesia is accepted. It starts for its new assignment to butter beer (Jakarta) as an ambassador plenipotentiary.
1941 It starts for its new assignment to Hanoi (capital in Vietnam) as a special ambassador.
1945.8 It takes charge of a •–ง councillor. The defeat in World War II is ascertained.
1959 The Yoshizawa commemoration park and commemoration hall are built by parents' home.
1960 –ŒM‚ลŒMˆ๊“™ˆฎ“๚‹ห‰ิ‘ๅŽ๖อ‚๐Ž๓‚ฏ‚้
1964 recommended to the Takada honorary citizen.
1965.1.5 died on January 5, at the age of 91.
It enshrines together to Suwa Jinja of a memorial service and a hometown in Takada on April 12.

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